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Plasma Cutter

Our Challenger HD plasma cutter is quite valuable for high-production cutting applications. It has a time-proven design that let's us count on it in demanding production situations. The dual-side drive system rides on precision machined and hardened tongue-in-groove...

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Tornado Update

The CMF neighborhood is beginning to recover from the devastation of the Memorial Day tornadoes that tore through western Ohio. The damage at CMF was so minor that it doesn't matter, but our neighbors were hit very hard. The company immediately to our south has...

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Dayton Tornado Update

You may have heard that Dayton was struck by tornadoes on Memorial Day and there has been extensive damage.  Our facility was spared major damage, but just a few blocks from us things are pretty bad. Power has now been restored to our facility and we are now getting...

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CMF From the Air

Commercial Metal Fabricators has 53,000 square feet of manufacturing space on nine acres. Inside, we have 18' foot high bays, all of it covered by cranes with a maximum of 12 tons lift. We're just minutes from Interstates 75, 70 and 675 and US 35. [gallery columns="2"...

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Stainless Steel Weldment

We built this stainless steel machined weldment used in high pressure pump application.  The unit was H-D Plasma and Waterjet cut, cone segment formed in 400 ton press brake , M.I.G. welded 100 percent, then finished machined to customer drawings. [gallery...

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Loader Arm

We helped our client fabricate this loader arm that is used on forestry equipment.

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“Fluid Dynamics”

Yellow Springs sculptor Jon Barlow Hudson asked us to help him bring his sculpture called "Fluid Dynamics" to life.  The sculpture is installed on Patterson Blvd., in Dayton, Ohio, at a site that was formerly next to the Miami-Erie Canal.  Our team worked with the...

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BAE Fixture

Designed, engineered and fabricated at Commercial Metal Fabricators, this is a QC fixture for checking welding on truck frames for the military.

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Machined “A” Plate

These are typical examples of parts that were fabricated and machined to become finished parts. After the plates and other pieces were plasma cut and the bars saw cut, the basic parts were formed and welded. They were then stress relieved. A program was developed to...

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Pump Housings

Most of these pump housings are machined from exotic metal castings, stainless steels to titanium. They have a sophisticated shape and are finished to precision tolerances. We machine these units on our Tos Hulin "Live Tool" VTL where we produce the front and back...

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Machined Aluminum Plate

This interesting part was machined complete on the Tos Hulin "Live Tool" Vertical Lathe. This is a dial plate for an indexing application mounted to a Camco gear box. The part is 1" thick aluminum, 57" in diameter with 150 , .515" wide radial slots and 600, .375"...

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Horizontal Boring Mill, Machining a Big Aluminum Disk

This part is an aluminum disk, 84" diameter, 2-1/2" thick. There are 7 large diameter holes and counterbores, all circular interpolated. There are 50 holes drilled and tapped, 6 special pockets, and the outside diameter finished. The machine on which this part is...

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Propane Tank Skid

This propane tank skid was designed, engineered and fabricated at Commercial Metal Fabricators for the storage and transportation of large propane gas tanks.

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Water Tank Vent

Commercial Metal Fabricators created this from 1/2" aluminum plate,100 percent M.I.G. welded. This vent was designed for use with a municipal water tank.

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Design Build Special Equipment Project

For the U.S. Post Office Bulk Mail Center. Designed by CMF to interface with existing Post Office equipment. Design complete, hydraulic, electric, mechanical, interface. Complete construction. A typical design/build project requiring the full range of CMF resources....

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View from the top – Smokestack

This 300 foot tall, 10 foot diameter smoke stack was built in three sections and transported to Connecticut where it was erected and the sections were welded together. This picture was taken from the hook of the erection crane, looking down at the top of the stack and...

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Electrical Control Cabinet – Three Door – in construction

The precision of the laser, the accuracies of a CNC press brake and the skill of the CMF fabricator combine to produce this custom enclosure. Shown during construction and without the three doors installed, the photo reveals some of the interior intricacies that these...

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Enclosure – Manufactured & Painted

CMF produces hundreds of specialized enclosures for use in many applications, mechanism covering, hydraulic unit packaging and electrical are typical of those uses. This typical enclosure was required to manufactured with some unique shapes and finished in a high...

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25,000 Gallon Storage Tank

This tank was designed and built to a customer's custom specifications. Made from 5/16" mild steel plate using X-ray quality welds. CMF has been building tanks of various sizes and materials for all kinds of applications since 1941. More than just tanks, CMF can...

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Part for a Test Loop Unit

The part in the pictures is fabricated of 410 alloy stainless steel. When finished, it is used in the aerospace industry as part of a test loop unit, which is used to test jet engines. The unit was finished machined to supply the customer a complete finished part....

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Parts for BAE Systems

Skids of parts for BAE Systems. Fabricated, inspected and kitted to go directly to the assembly stations. Delivered on time for efficient manufacture

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