The CMF neighborhood is beginning to recover from the devastation of the Memorial Day tornadoes that tore through western Ohio. The damage at CMF was so minor that it doesn’t matter, but our neighbors were hit very hard.

The company immediately to our south has extensive damage – this is literally less than 100 yards out of our back door. The tornado seems to have touched down to our west, then moved towards Kuntz Road doing heavy damage to the businesses along that path, including Kap Signs, Grocerylane, UCI and the Frito-Lay distribution center. From there, it crossed Troy Street and did heavy damage to the residential neighborhood to our east.

It could be months before some of the businesses in our neighborhood are able to reopen.

(Update:  Kap Signs has reopened at a new location on Webster Street.  And here’s an update from Frito-Lay. )

At CMF we work with metal all the time – bending it, shaping it. We know how much force it takes to make metal bend. We can only say that we are humbled by the power that is contained in one tornado.

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This is our immediate neighbor to the south.  










This is the damage on Kuntz Road.

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