CMF facilities

  • 53,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing.
  • 18' high bays
  • All covered by cranes, max of 12 tons lift.
  • Site acreage, 9 acres.
  • Facility owned by CMF
This facility was built by CMF in the late 1950s and has expanded twice to its current size. This is a well cared for modern plant in a quality industrial area with room for additional expansion.


WaterJet Cutting

Our WaterJet Cutting equipment features a 5-axis head, 94,000 psi HyperJet, a table size of 108x190, a cut size of 78x156 and a tolerance of +/- up to .003.


Mach 4 - 4020b/3D

TOS - WHN 15 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill – 5 axis

  • Table Clamping Size: 1800mm x 2500mm ( 71” x 98”)
  • Travel Size: X-3500mm Y-2500mm Z-1250mm (138” x 98” x 49”)
  • Spindle Travel: W-900 (35”)
  • Table Load: 12,000 kg (26,455 lbs.)

The newest addition to CMF’s long list of equipment as of June 2012 is the TOS Boring Mill, continuing the commitment of Commercial Metal Fabricators to provide the highest quality service in big machining.

Laser Cutting

The laser process has matured into a high reliability, high speed, fast changeover method for producing high quality parts. Commercial Metal Fabricators uses some of the latest nesting software to give the best material utilization and to give our customers the best pricing.

Amada Laser 1.5 kW Laser

No longer a prototype-only machine, the Amada Laser is designed for short run production. Quick set-up, quick programming, no tooling change... put the material on the table, download the program and make parts!!

a1.jpg (19667 bytes)
  • High Speed Piercing 140 holes per minute in 16 ga steel.
  • Scratch free cutting Synchronized rollers, non-contact head, Teflon roller work supports.
  • Full material utilization Automatic clamp retraction means no waste of material in the clamp zones.
  • Big sheet capability 60" x 144" sheet size is normal, unlimited length is programmable.
  • Food quality Stainless Steel Cutting High pressure nitrogen assist gas.
  • Cuts big range of materials Cuts in most materials, metals to plastics, up to 3/8" steel.

LVD Strippit 5 kW Laser High Speed Processing Center

Plate capacity of 1500mm x 3000mm. Plate thickness up to 25 mm. Automatic shuttle tables to maximize "beam on time." Integrated LVD - Fanuc controls and laser resonator for machine up time.


Toshulin "Live Tool" CNC VTL

This unique machine operates as a standard vertical lathe and a machining center to mill/drill and tap using up to 15 "live" tools.

This machine has a maximum part diameter of 60", a maximum part height of 70", 60 hp main drive motor and 20 hp motor for the "live" tools.

Turning, milling, drilling and tapping on the same machine with the same setup means high efficiency and lower costs to you.

This machine alone is worth a visit to our facility!

W.A. Whitney 3600 CNC Punch/Plasma

  • High speed punching of up to 5/8" plate.
  • Plasma shape cutting up to 3/4" plate.
  • High speed cutting rates in Steel, Stainless Steel and Non-ferrous Alloys.
  • Your parts produced at the speeds accuracies of the computer, your CAD drawings can be directly used.
  • Punching speed of 275 hits per minute with the smooth, full tonnage of hydraulic punching means your parts will be of the highest quality.

Giddings and Lewis / Sheffield RS30 Cordax - DCC/CNC

  • Big Capacity
    • X - 40"
    • Y - 30"
    • Z - 25"
  • Full Programmable DCC Controlled for Automated Inspection.
  • Fully Automated Printouts of Your Parts.

Full Metrology Department

Pacific 400 Ton Press Brake

  • Big tonnage
  • CNC control
  • Fully tooled

One of the mainstays of CMF is there expertise and capabilities in the forming of metals. With four press brakes running at all times we can help with your needs.

LVD Press Brake - CNC

  • 8 Axis Control
  • Auto Crowning
  • 14 ft. X 240 ton
  • Fully precision tooled
  • Bending full length within ½ Degree

This is CMF’s latest addition to precision bending. Fully programmable, the control simulates the production of parts and determines the best and most efficient bend sequence, and warns if the part is not readily producible.


Roundo Angle Roll

  • Rated as 3" x 3" x 3/8" angle.
  • Rolls angle, bars, beams, channels, pipe and other special shapes.

The top photo is of our "baby" angle roll and one of three.

We have capacity rated up to 6" x 6" x 1/2" in a bigger version of this machine which is shown in the bottom photo.

Rolling expertise is part equipment and part experience.

CMF has been rolling metals since 1941. Let our skill and experience work for your needs.


Hurco CNC 3-Axis Vertical Mill

  • Conversational programming, quick setup.
  • X - 24", Y - 14", Z - 5.5"
  • Precision machining for small parts.

This is one of two identical machines. Because of the nature of CNC machining (tangent and radius blends) and the accuracies available with these smaller machines, they satisfy many customers requirements.


TOS Varnsdorf CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

Big work envelope, 137" X - 78" Y - 49" Z
(With a quill travel of 31")

Built in Rotary Table, programmable to .001 Degree resolution.

Big horsepower and weight capacity — 50 hp and 26,000 lbs.

Accuracy of Heidenhain glass scale feedback — programmable to 1 micron in metric (.0001" in inch).


Sheet and Plate Rolling

Since 1941, Commercial Metal Fabricators has established ourselves as a leader in the rolling of plate and sheet metals. Through the years we have continued to perfect our skills and update our equipment in order to serve our customers needs.

Pictured above is one of the latest plate rolls on the floor of Commercial Metal Fabricators - a Bertsch four roll plate bending cell.

Plate and sheet rolling equipment to fill your needs at CMF:

  • Bertsch 3/4 plate x 144" - 3 roll - capacity of up to 1-1/4" x 30"
  • Bertsch 3/4" plate x 120" - 4 roll - capacity of up to 2" x 24" (new 2009)
  • Bertsch 3/8" plate x 96" - 4 roll - capacity of up to 2" x 4" (new 2009)
  • Bertsch 1/2" initial pinch plate roll
  • Bertsch 1/4" initial pinch plate roll
















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