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Commercial Metal Fabricators is your single-source metal fabrication specialist for major systems and component parts. Our skilled metal craftsmen, expert machinists, and fully equipped facility, make CMF unparalleled in the industry. 



Over the years, CMF has successfully completed thousands of projects and produced millions of parts for businesses of all kinds.



Our satisfied clientele includes companies in aerospace, robotics, information processing, materials handling, research and transportation, to name only a few.



And our clients' needs have included everything from one-of-a-kind specialty items to high-volume pieces delivered in quantity.

Enclosure – Manufactured & Painted

CMF produces hundreds of specialized enclosures for use in many applications, mechanism covering, hydraulic unit packaging and electrical are typical of those uses. This typical enclosure was required to manufactured with some unique shapes and finished in a high...

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25,000 Gallon Storage Tank

This tank was designed and built to a customer's custom specifications. Made from 5/16" mild steel plate using X-ray quality welds. CMF has been building tanks of various sizes and materials for all kinds of applications since 1941. More than just tanks, CMF can...

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Part for a Test Loop Unit

The part in the pictures is fabricated of 410 alloy stainless steel. When finished, it is used in the aerospace industry as part of a test loop unit, which is used to test jet engines. The unit was finished machined to supply the customer a complete finished part....

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