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Whatever your needs in metal fabrication, you can trust commercial Metal Fabricators to meet ... even exceed ... your expectations. Whether you rely on us for the fabrication of a major system or require component parts, we are your single-source metal specialists. Due to our unique combination of skilled metal craftsmen, expert machinists, and fully equipped facility, CMF's performance is unparalleled in the industry. We have earned that leadership position through more than a half century of practical, hands-on experience.

Over the years, CMF has successfully completed thousands of projects and produced millions of parts for businesses of all kinds. Our satisfied clientele includes companies in aerospace, robotics, information processing, materials handling, research and transportation, to name only a few. And our clients' needs have included everything from one-of-a-kind specialty items to high-volume pieces delivered in quantity.

Multi-Tank Water Filter and Purification System

Commercial Metal Fabricators worked in conjunction with our customer to design and fabricate this system in-house and ship the complete units to the end user.

Part for a Test Loop Unit

The part in the pictures is fabricated of 410 alloy stainless steel. When finished, it is used in the aerospace industry as part of a test loop unit, which is used to test jet engines.

The unit was finished machined to supply the customer a complete finished part. This is one of several parts fabricated in house to build a complete test loop unit.

25,000 Gallon Storage Tank

This tank was designed and built to a customer's custom specifications. Made from 5/16" mild steel plate using X-ray quality welds.

CMF has been building tanks of various sizes and materials for all kinds of applications since 1941.

More than just tanks, CMF can supply your needs in all fabrication and machining projects, big or small.

Enclosure - Manufactured & Painted

CMF produces hundreds of specialized enclosures for use in many applications, mechanism covering, hydraulic unit packaging and electrical are typical of those uses.

This typical enclosure was required to manufactured with some unique shapes and finished in a high quality paint.

CMF produces both custom and production enclosures as the customer requires.

Electrical Control Cabinet - Three Door - in construction

The precision of the laser, the accuracies of a CNC press brake and the skill of the CMF fabricator combine to produce this custom enclosure.

Shown during construction and without the three doors installed, the photo reveals some of the interior intricacies that these special cabinets can have.

Hundreds of hole locations are laser cut into position in the flat and the precision of the CNC press brakes are required to assure the finished product will be correct.

Finally, the skill of the fabricator and the expertise of the painter will combine to make the finished product exactly what the customer requires.

View from the top - Smokestack

This 300 foot tall, 10 foot diameter smoke stack was built in three sections and transported to Connecticut where it was erected and the sections were welded together.

This picture was taken from the hook of the erection crane, looking down at the top of the stack and the top platform.

CMF has built many smokestacks that have been placed around the country and overseas.

Rolling, fabricating and welding are the key processes required and of course the welds are X-rayed.

Small Smokestack

This smokestack is unusual for its small size (90' tall) and its close location to CMF(Columbus, OH, about 60 miles away).

This ‘stack was built complete in one piece and transported with an over-length permit to the job site.

The site was prepared with the ‘stack foundation and the erection took less than one hour.

CMF has produced large complex, multi-flue smokestacks that were erected all over the world. It’s a little unusual for a small ‘stack to be built and delivered so close to home.

Design Build Special Equipment Project

For the U.S. Post Office Bulk Mail Center.

  • Designed by CMF to interface with existing Post Office equipment.
  • Design complete, hydraulic, electric, mechanical, interface.
  • Complete construction.

A typical design/build project requiring the full range of CMF resources. Conceptual design, design/detail, manufacturing, finishing, runoff/debug, shipping, and installation supervision.

Water Tank Vent

Commercial Metal Fabricators created this from 1/2" aluminum plate,100 percent M.I.G. welded. This vent was designed for use with a municipal water tank.


Propane Tank Skid

This propane tank skid was designed, engineered and fabricated at Commercial Metal Fabricators for the storage and transportation of large propane gas tanks.


At Commercial Metal Fabricators, we have a long history of hiring the best in the business.









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